Waze of Knowing

No, I’m not mocking cultural sensitivity classes (not today, anyway), I’m talking about a service I have touted many times on Facebook: Waze.

I don’t have a smartphone, nor do I particularly want one.  However, if “they” ever phase out feature flip phones, I may have to make the move to a dark android phone.  The first app I’ll be installing on that phone will be Waze.  If you are a smart phone user and drive a car, you should use it, too.  It’s an app that uses the crowd-source nature of the internet to connect all the users of the app as well as oracle data from the web in order to give real-time traffic and safety updates to drivers and gives real-time directions so as to get the safest, most efficient route.  This goes well beyond a mere GPS that knows to watch out for rush hour, though: it also tracks speed-traps and other criminal activities on the road that one may want to avoid.

In the interim, though, I want to point you to a Jeffrey Tucker article about the app as the resource suggestion for today.

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