The State IS War

The State IS War A few months ago, I briefly described a “state of war”. The main focus was on the state of war as pertains to interactions between individuals, but it could be considered a prerequisite to this post on the nature of the state of war as pertains to states. Hearkening back to “Towards a Definition of Anarchy”, I denounce any institution predicated on or constructed for the sake of coercion, murder, or theft. For now, we will simply define “government” as the very same. Between laws enforced by men with guns threatening murder or imprisonment and theft … Continue reading

Do You Hate The State?

This article, by Murray Rothbard, was originally published in the Libertarian Forum, Vol. 10, No. 7, July 1977. I have been ruminating recently on what are the crucial questions that divide libertarians. Some that have received a lot of attention in the last few years are: anarcho-capitalism vs. limited government, abolitionism vs. gradualism, natural rights vs. utilitarianism, and war vs. peace. But I have concluded that as important as these questions are, they don’t really cut to the nub of the issue, of the crucial dividing line between us. Let us take, for example, two of the leading anarcho-capitalist works … Continue reading

The Dark Side: Crime, Vice, Sin

Today, we explore the dark side of humanity: crime, vice, and sin. As readers of previous posts and my facebook page are well aware, I use these terms quite frequently. I have come to realize that, despite my best efforts to contextualize the use of these terms, many people are either unable or unwilling to understand what I mean by crime, vice, and sin. Today, I plan on setting things straight such that I don’t have to explain it quite as frequently. As can easily be guessed, being a philosopher and an anarchist, I do not believe the contemporary and … Continue reading

Paradigmatic Awareness

 Why can’t we all just get along? When it comes to discussion, why can’t we seem to understand what each other are saying?             As is outlined extensively in my yet-unfinished book, epistemology (how we know what we know) is a field of intense and voluminous study.  I will do my utmost to remain concise and direct today, but we will see if I can manage to get my point across. Among thinking people, there is a disturbing trend of people missing each others’ points and progressively resorting to name-calling and physical altercation.  Friendships end, wars erupt, libraries are burned… … Continue reading

A Preface to the Tragedy of Enforcement

A coworker of mine and I had an interesting conversation while preparing the sanctuary for Christmas a couple weeks ago. He’s been a friend of mine on Facebook for about a decade or so, but probably hasn’t seen many of my posts until recently. That is, until I began posting hundreds of statuses, articles, and memes daily. A while back, it would have likely been concerning evil democrats ruining our country… nowadays, it’s more about evil statists ruining everyone’s lives; a small but important broadening of perspective. Anyway, I had mentioned that I hate Christmas music, to which he replied, … Continue reading

An Untimely Religious Rant

I am really fed up with my friends and family quoting scripture piecemeal and appealing to Catholic Social Teaching with a superior tone, especially when doing the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and walking away.  By what authority do you dare to interpret Scripture at me?  Where is your Collar?  Your Holy Orders?  When half of the priests in this country can’t decide of Jesus was some flimsy hippie or a genocidal maniac, you think that you can somehow do a better job than they? Very few of you, despite your years, have read more of the … Continue reading

What is the State Of War?

What is war? Can war ever be justified? So many questions and so many emotionally charged readers… lets see how rationally we can navigate this terrain and, consequently, how many people I can piss off in this post. “War, huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, oh War huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y’all War, huh good God What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me” ~Edwin Starr War, by the broadest definition, is man killing man. One can argue for qualifiers in order to narrow the application of … Continue reading

The Pope and the Precipice: a Tale of Two Popes and 2,000 Years

A very intelligent and good friend of mine recently mailed me a card (an important and lost art) containing a newspaper article (and equally important and lost art, journalism). The headline read “The Pope and the Precipice”, by Ross Douthat. Full disclosure: my friend is a devout protestant philosopher and I am a devout Catholic philosopher wannabe. I felt this was a good opportunity to show my appreciation for his card and address an issue in the Church at the same time. Firstly, it was an excellent reminder as to why I no longer read the paper; anymore, it’s all … Continue reading

On the Ethics of Voting

On the Ethics of Voting: a Dialogue Between George and Robert So, this was supposed to be a higher-quality production, but there were scheduling issues and time constrains such that we had to settle on the demo recording as our final recording.  We were planning on having a celebrity guest, but we couldn’t get everything worked out in time.  Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to revisit this script and get a better rendition recorded. Still, all of the material and substance is here, just not as polished and palatable as I had hoped.  Above is the audio … Continue reading

Towards a Definition of Anarchy

From the Greek: “A/An” = “not” + “Archon” =King/ruler” Throughout Athenian history, the form and function of an “archon” changed in various ways, but all of the meanings and applications of the term shared three things in common: Reverence of the position held, regardless of the actions of the individual holding the position Authority to dictate the actions of others A support structure or institution designed to grant that authority Because of the close relationship between mythology and political life in ancient cultures, the term archon was used to both describe human actors and intermediary deities/angels/spirits. Excepting instances wherein poetic … Continue reading

Surprise! Another Post

 On rare occasion, I am surprised. Sometimes, it is something as mild as hearing a decent song on the radio. Other times it is something as extreme as finding scorpions in my hair. Yesterday, I was surprised to be inspired by an atheist podcast I listen to… so here’s what I was inspired to write about. Surprise can be unpleasant, hilarious, or any blend of the sensations in-between. What, exactly, is surprise? A neurobiologist with a higher IQ and worse social life than mine own may be able to answer this question better, but I thought it was worth exploring. … Continue reading

10 Feelings Only Wives of Anarchists Can understand

This is something my wife cooked up to pick on me.  I thought it was too funny to not share, so I created a blog to share it with the world. 1)  When he (or anyone in his presence) brings up the roads (again): 2:  When you lose your husband for the night so he can watch infighting on the internet: 3:  It’s the end of a long day with the children acting out and your husband (jokingly) calls you a Statist for sending a disobedient child to their room: 4:  When you suddenly see someone called him a libertarian or … Continue reading

Is Anarchy a Bad Word?

More and more frequently these days, it seems that when meeting people for the first or second time, I am outed as an anarchist. Usually, it is a mutual friend of my acquaintance and myself that does so (sometimes, I think they get some sadistic pleasure from doing so), but sometimes I am compelled to out myself, especially when so many people ask, “What’s your take on such-and-such political issue?” More often than not, the statement I am an anarchist” is met with incredulity and disbelief. It’s as if I had said, “I’m a racist,” or “I’m a rapist,” or … Continue reading