Mad Philosopher 2015 is available on Amazon!  I highly recommend reading the book.  It has a c few chapters that are specific to the book and will not be published on the blog.  Additionally, it’s edited and revised into a coherent narrative structure and serves as a valuable resource for philosophical discussions.     
                                                                                                                                                                   front cover  


MadPhilosopher Branded Merch
is now live! Tee shirts, notebooks, and coffe mugs, oh my!

Help yourself to the Karl Sanders tee shirt and product line.  A great shirt to wear and mock the socialist voters, or an excellent gift for commie friends and family.


Coming soon: anarchist lapel pins and Mad Philosopher branded merchandise.  Help keep the lights on, and get some sweet swag.

We also make custom 2-tone grunge-y t-shirts.  We can do front and back.  Custom designs available.  These are cheaper than the Karl Sanders tees.  Email us at for more info.



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