Bitcoin is awesome.  It’s a distributed, pseudonymous, secure, and more government-proof than any other form of money.  It’s magical internet money, crated by an anarchist with the intent of liberating people from the destructive oppression of the Federal Reserve and its cohorts (like the US military and executive law enforcement agencies).  If you go to Coinbase using my link and buy a cumulative quantity of $100 worth of BTC, both you and myself will get $10 worth of BTC for free.  It’s a sweet deal, getting paid to do something you ought to be doing, anyway.  Every $10 of BTC I get for this site will immediately be invested back into this project: improving the website, paying for hosting fees, and upgrading the recording/hosting equipment.
You can purchase whatever you normally purchase from Amazon, but can also support this site by using this link.  You don’t pay anything extra, but we get a tiny commission for you just using the link.  Even better, bookmark this link and do all your Amazon shopping through the link.  It’s more convenient for you, and we keep the lights on, here.
Also, You can gain access to a wealth of information and educational tools far beyond what we can provide here at Mad Philosopher by checking out Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom.  A collection pf PhD Professors and economists will teach you the history and economics that “They” never taught you in school.  (We also get a commission from them, but this is a ervice everybody really should take advantage of, anyway).
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